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About Direct Access Testing

Many people want to take control of their own health, and thanks to provisions in Ohio state law that permit direct access testing, patients can order their own laboratory tests, without orders from a physician. Many patients want to gain a relative sense of their standing in relation to risk factors for diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, and thyroid function. After having the direct access testing performed, they follow up with their physician to review the results and devise a treatment plan.

Other times, concerns regarding confidentiality motivate the decision to engage in direct access testing; patients may not want others to know that they have sought testing for certain disease markers or illnesses. In such cases, direct access laboratory testing offers a discreet, confidential means for ensuring that you have full control over access to your laboratory orders and results.

Insurance companies regularly require specific diagnoses for medical necessity, or will not cover routine testing based on familial or personal risk factors. Through direct access testing, patients may order their own tests, though they are responsible for the full costs of these tests, as there are presently no insurance plans which will cover the cost of these tests.

Direct access testing should not be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Proper diagnosis and treatment of human illness requires the consultation and evaluation of a licensed physician, and should be based on your medical history, including your family’s medical history, and a physical examination along with your doctor’s professional judgment and review of test results. Any direct access test results that you may receive should be discussed with your personal physician. It is imperative that physician judgment remain central to the selection of diagnostic tests and therapy options utilized in the treatment of a specific patient’s medical condition.

For information regarding the costs of specific direct access tests, please refer to our “self-pay price list” page. There you will find a full list of our per-test and test panel self-pay prices. If you have any questions regarding our fee schedule, or direct access testing, feel free to contact us.

(Download the consent form for direct access testing here [PDF]).